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Technical Advice + Digital Glue

Utilize our technical expertise to unlock your creative potential and produce an unparalleled broadcast or video production that elevates your content. Or just need someone to make the tech happen? We're the ones for the job!

Technical Advice 

At, we’re used to handling unique and challenging requirements. We pride ourselves on our expertise, flexibility, and adaptability. is pleased to provide you with consultancy, technical advice and solutions for your production, broadcast or event needs. Contact us to discuss your event, production, or broadcast.  

Bespoke Engineering can provide bespoke engineering solutions tailored to the unique requirements of broadcasters and event organizers. Our team works closely with clients to gain a deep understanding of their unique challenges and requirements, allowing us to develop bespoke solutions that optimize workflows.

We can provide your Digital Glue

When it comes to producing any kind of media content, having all the necessary elements seamlessly integrated is crucial for a professional and polished end result. This is where our expertise in providing "Digital Glue" can make all the difference.


The term "Digital Glue" refers to our ability to fill in any gaps or enhance your production by adding audio, video, and engineering components that you may be missing or require. Whether you need additional cameras, just the vision mixing element, audio elements, comms, or technical support - we have the skills and resources to ensure seamless integration of these elements into your project.

Solutions for Connecting those across the Globe

In the era of remote and hybrid broadcasts, is at the forefront of providing comprehensive solutions to enable seamless connectivity and collaboration. The company offers a range of technologies and services to facilitate remote production workflows, allowing broadcasters to produce high-quality content from anywhere in the world. From remote editing and live streaming capabilities to remote camera control and multi-camera setups, ensures that broadcasters can adapt and thrive in the evolving media landscape.

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