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Live Streaming

Live Streaming is a great way to broadcast events and conferences to a wider audience. Or engage your community with your new product, series or brand. It's an effective way to reach a much larger audience than would be possible in person and allow your audience members able to participate in real time.

Whether streaming to an internal corporate network or to the wider public, we can scale your production to suit your needs. Our knowledgeable team can help bring your event to life on the platform of your choice. 

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Simple or Complex Live Streams

Live streams are now part of the fabric of the broadcasting industry; they are a hugely popular way of reaching your intended audience without, necessarily, breaking the bank. Collectively we have executed hundreds of simple streams into Zoom, Teams, and other video conferencing platforms. This keeps your audience in a familiar environment whilst adding production value with broadcast quality sound and vision. 

If streaming to a platform such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn (or all of them at once) we have experience here too. We will also be on hand to help guide you through finding your streaming details, scheduling your events, and moderating during the broadcast. 

For a more tailored platform, our trusted partners can create a bespoke live stream site using your branding. We can completely personalise how you want your viewers to interact, with chat boxes, live polls, reaction emojis and surveys. 

Our master control room benefits from a superfast gigabit connection, as well as a completely independent 100Mbps broadband for secondary viewing. We offer a range of LiveUs, Intinor units, or PCs for streaming on-site, offering bonded 4G failover to ensure that your live goes out no matter what. 

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