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Remote Production

Let us create a truly unforgettable virtual experience for you. We can integrate with or provide digital events platforms where your viewers can sign in, watch and participate. We can organise remote recordings with your speakers, or just provide the digital glue for you. 


Gallery facilities (dry and wet hire)

We currently have a permanent MCR gallery set-up at our offices In Sunbury-On-Thames. This benefits from a software or hardware package, with full NDI, SDI, Dante capabilities and a gigabit internet line. Our broadcast sound desk adds an additional level of control over the stream or record sound mix. Our ingest machines are also Dante capable, and with 4 at our disposal they can collectively record over 25 video feeds, each with up to 16 tracks of audio. 

If you’re looking for a gallery space that’s ready to go then get in contact, we’ll make sure our engineers have everything ready for you to turn up and get started. 

On-site video transport equipment and engineering 

If you have little to no space for a gallery on site, or you want to keep load-in and out times as low as possible then using one of our video transport solutions may be for you. 

Our pair of Intinor units can send up to four 1080p feeds via their robust protocol across the public internet. These units also include the ability to set up a network trunk; allowing for tally and camera data connectivity as well as four wire comms between the MCR and site.

Completely personalised stream settings also allow us to customise the units to the nature of your job; whether you need ultra-low latency for presenter links or your priority is having the best quality for a  real time edits.

We can also bring contributor guests in from home, using our hybrid call link workflows or your preferred corporate Zoom or Teams accounts.

Connectivity solutions 

For truly remote productions, perhaps with little or no hardwired internet connection, we can employ bonded 4G or Satellite solutions. 

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