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Our People


Our team of expert engineers and creative professionals are dedicated to delivering high-quality broadcast solutions for any occasion. Whether you need a single camera setup or a full-blown multi-camera production with live streaming capabilities, our state-of-the-art equipment ensures that your audience receives nothing but the best. Our extensive knowledge enables us to create bespoke solutions tailored specifically to your needs. 

About Us

Dan Fay
Dan Fay (Copy).png

Warehouse Technician

Daniel (Copy).png
Daniel George

Multi-Skilled Operator

Emily Benson

Production Co-ordinator

Foxy (Copy).png
Gareth Fox-Williams


Head of Audio

Gareth Hopkins

Senior Account, Production & Operations Manager

Holly (Copy).png
Holly Choules

Multi-Skilled Operator

Ian (Copy).png
Ian Kitt

Multi-Skilled Operator

Jake Briggs

Multi-Skilled Operator

Simon (Copy).png
Simon Roe

Managing Director

Tom (Copy).png
Tom Herrington

Technical Director 

Head of Outside Broadcast

Vicky (Copy).png
Vicky Purcell

Production & Digital Marketing Manager

Tango (Copy).jpg

Chief of Staff Morale

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