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Audio & Talkback

Having clear audio is crucial, whether it's from a single camera microphone or a complex multi-site production and everything in between. To ensure seamless event execution, we strongly advocate the use of communication systems and prioritise their implementation with state-of-the-art equipment and customized solutions.

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Simple and Complex Broadcast Audio

From a single piece to camera microphone to a complex multi-site remote production, clear audio is essential. Employing broadcast quality analogue and digital signal paths, we design audio systems for clarity, simplicity, and utility, with fail-safe backup paths. Integrating multi-channel audio with video transmission, we ensure perfect sync from end-to-end.

Live PA Systems

To complete the experience of live streamed events, we supply powerful but discreet loudspeaker systems for in-room audiences. Separate PA and broadcast mixes ensure clarity without colouration. 

Although many of our PA installs are to support to live broadcasts, we also supply sound systems to non-broadcast public and community events.   

Wired and Wireless Talkback

Whereas many leave comms systems as an afterthought, we place ours front and central, using tried and tested top-level kit and experienced engineers. From a simple party line ring to a complex multi-channel system, including wireless packs and in-ear-monitors for talent, we have engineered solutions. 

With wired and wireless systems we can integrate locally and worldwide using web and IP based technology we enable users with full featured, multi-channel comms panels in remote locations. We can integrate mobile phones, Google meets, Teams calls etc. into our broadcast comms infrastructure.

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