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Speciality Cameras

As well as our standard cameras we offer various specialist cameras, see the various options below. If there is something that we've not listed yet, please get in touch, we may be able to help. We've done it all: drone cameras, cameras on race cars, blimp cameras and more... 

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PTZ Robotic Cameras

We have a range of PTZ cameras which are perfect for areas where there is a lack of space, or you would like there to be a smaller camera footprint. Our system allows for multiple cameras to be operated by a single operator.


A jib is the perfect tool to capture sweeping shots over audiences, smooth motion shots of presenters and other dynamic and creative shots for your production.


A Steadicam allows for the operator to move freely and fluidly around the stage or studio. This mobility is particularly useful in capturing dynamic shots in crowded environments or situations where using a dolly or other tracking equipment is impractical. This is perfect for tracking a subject through a space, such as a presenter on stage or a music artist during a performance.


Our bodycam solutions are ideal if you need to capture footage from point of view perspective. Whether you want to follow an influencer whilst they are carrying out an escape for a live stream or want to capture a product specialist demoing their product, our solution generates real-time footage via a small RF system.


Want to place a camera in a position where cabling may be an issue or you need to quickly reposition a camera, our powerful RF kits are the perfect solution. The kit allows for the cameras to be fully engineered so that the RF camera matches the rest of the production.

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