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Built on a 7.2T IVECO Daily chassis, with facilities for 8-10 cameras OB1 is perfect for sports, festivals, social media streams, or any other type of studio, venue or outside event. We can slot OB1 into smaller spaces where larger expanding trucks can’t fit and we're still just as mighty, with three separate seated galleries for production (4 seats), engineering (2 seats) and sound (1 seat).

OB1 11.jpg

OB1 Facilities 

OB1 is frequently employed as a more cost-effective option compared to its counterparts. It can be used on-site with full production facilities (vision mix, audio, EVS, graphics) or as a remote engineering base (where the gallery is located remotely at your premises or ours). It can also serve as an additional facility for larger events or OBs, for example as a truck for Pres (Presenter) coverage.

OB1 has the capability to support up to 10 SMPTE fibre-based cameras, with the option of adding significantly more cameras and feeds (the vision mixer has 40 inputs) for larger productions. For example, at Glastonbury Festival in 2022, the truck had 19 cameras on the mixer for the Paul McCartney headline set, combining a mixture of in-truck cameras, external OB cameras and artist cameras.

Primarily designed for full 1080/50P HD and 4K/UHD workflows, the truck comes with Sony HDC-3500 and HDC-4300 cameras as standard from our in-house stock. The engineering is designed to be camera agnostic, so ARRI, Blackmagic and Sony cinematic cameras are also welcome.

If you have an upcoming event or production that may require our OB facilities, please message us for a no-obligation chat. We love talking tech and designing solutions to fit client projects small and large. We will even demo the truck for you.


Combination of OB1 & OBMini boosting the camera count to a staggering 16, with additional EVS and GFX spaces, You can now take your production creativity to new heights!

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OB1 4.jpg
OB1 8.jpg
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