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Multi-Camera Production

We’ve been capturing high quality multi camera footage and relaying content to screens for companies and events for over 15 years.  We have a variety of multi-camera solutions available in different sizes to accommodate any project. 

Multicamera 1.jpg

Although we work with various types of cameras, our preferred choice is the Sony HDC camera because it offers excellent picture quality and has a user-friendly interface for multi-cam environments. Our engineering racks also include talkback functionality, ensuring seamless communication among the production team.

Our racks are designed to be modular, allowing for easy integration and scalability on large-scale jobs. Each system can incorporate a vision mixer that enables directors to effortlessly switch between cameras and other feeds while providing full red and green tally support. Throughout all productions, we prioritize flexibility, modularity, seamlessness, and cost-effectiveness to ensure your project stands out and leaves lasting impressions on both you and your audience!

Multicamera 2.jpg
Multicamera 3.jpg
Multicamera 4.jpg
Multicamera 5.jpg
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