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Connectivity & Transmission

Connectivity and transmission refer to the methods and technologies used for transmitting audio, video, and data signals from a broadcasting station to various receivers. We can establish a reliable connection between the source of content and the end-users who consume that content.

We are agnostic to your connectivity and transmission requirements. This means we are willing to use any available technology to get your broadcast to its destination, for example:

  • a simple RTMP stream

  • a 4G/5G bonded RTMP stream or point-to-point link on a video transport unit e.g. LiveU, Mobile Viewpoint, AVIWEST or Intinor

  • an interconnect between two locations using SRT or Unity Connect

  • an interconnect with BT Tower, satellite or NEP Connect to your remote control room or endpoint.

In short, we will work with you for the best solution.

Gigabit Line 

Need a 1Gb uncontended internet connection in West London to upload your news or film rushes? We have the perfect solution. You can visit us in Sunbury-on-Thames and use our 1Gb line – either enjoy the comfort of our indoor facilities or, if visiting out of hours, use the locked-box 1Gb socket and power available outside of our office.

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