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Remote Production

In response to COVID-19, Zest4.TV has designed and built 3 bespoke Master Control Rooms to manage incoming feeds, mix with VTs, graphics and other sources for re-distribution. The MCR is built around traditional hardware and new IP connectivity including NDI, Dante and SRT. We have a large scale ISO re-recording (with matrix routing) and more complex audio monitoring / mixing set-up as standard.
External callers without any typical broadcast equipment at home, can be brought into the MCR using just their home PCs, and we talk you through the rest.
We can offer bespoke hardware solutions as “care packages” including cameras, microphones and encoders to contributors. Very useful for more VIP contributors with the higher quality needs.
This solution means we can be end-platform agnostic, if you have a preferred in-house platform, that can receive an RMTP stream. We can also stream to social media accounts, webinar platforms, or inject into a Zoom meeting. 
  • Multiple global virtual presenters
  • No installation required
  • Only need Google Chrome
  • Personal link to initialise connection
  • Presenters return video 
  • Broadcast video / audio care packages can be supplied
MCR: Video​
  • Presenters will make first contact with our Engineer and Producer
  • VT Playout
  • Powerpoints
  • Live demos 
  • GFX / Lower 3rds
  • Clean / Dirty TX video outputs
  • Full video ISO recoding capability
  • Return multiview outputs
  • Chase editing / post event editing options
MCR: Audio
  • Broadcast sound desk   
  • Dante network
  • Presenters mix minus
  • Full audio ISO recoding capability
  • Various embedding options
MCR: Talkback
  • IP Talkback Panels
  • Panels can be dispatched to remote locations using the public internet to connect
  • Turn any smartphone or tablet into a active comms panel
  • Partylines / point to point / IEMs
MCR: Streaming
  • Gigabit MCR Internet 
  • 10GbE Internal Network
  • Multiple simultaneous streams
  • High quality, low latency video transport
  • Online fast file transfer
  • Bonded sim 4G onsite backup connection
MCR: Remote Working
  • Directors, Producers, Showcallers, Editors and others all have the opportunity to work remotely 
  • Broadcast standard coms via a hardware panel or an app.
  • Low latency and stream video previews for monitoring
  • Ability to interact with your own guests pre/post show  
MCR: Single Studio
  • Green Screen for a single presenter
  • Standing or sitting
  • Broadcast standard camera
  • Two large switchable monitors
  • Mic and IEMs
  • Separate room to the rest of the building
  • Air-con
MCR: Destination
  • End-platform agnostic
  • RMTP stream into any platform
  • Straight to social media
  • Q&A / polls 
  • All in-browser, no downloads
  • Client has a dedicated “channel” where all their webinars are hosted. Option to build up a complete Summit or Series with keynotes, breakout rooms and networking.
  • Basic branding as standard – full customisation with larger, bespoke package
  • We can manage all attendee and presenter email registrations and notifications or integrate with Salesforce, Mailchimp, Constant Contact and other mailing platforms
  • Up to 1,000 attendees as standard
  • All webinars recorded for on-demand usage

Multiple Simultaneous Presenters

NDI > SDI Conversion 

External audio


Stream to a webinar platform for 10/100/1000+ attendees

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