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Outside Broadcast - OB1

OB1 is built on a Iveco 7.5-ton chassis, with 3 separate seated galleries for Production, Engineering and Sound with air conditioning in each. Within OB1, HD workflow comes as standard, with Sony HDC-4300 cameras fitted as standard (4K capable on special request). 
OB1 is perfect for broadcast studio shoots, corporate webcasts, festivals, broadcast sports or any other type of live event. A small footprint of 7.3m(L) x 2.8m(W) x 3.15m(H) enables it to be used in areas where much larger trucks are not suitable. 
Production Gallery 
  • 3 Seated positions (+2 behind)
  • 2M/E Vision mixer
  • Dual multivierws 
  • 5 Switchable monitors
  • 3 ClearCom comms panels 
  • Genelec speakers
  • Timecode clock
  • Script lighting
  • Two engineer Positions
  • 8-camera CCU capable 
  • 2  Sony OLED engineering broadcast monitors 
  • Tektronix WFM8300
  • 40 x 40 Video matrix
  • 2 ClearCom Panels
  • VT & Control Mac Minis
  • Up to 10 channels of recording
  • Hyperdeck (as standard) 
  • Powerful cross converters and distribution
  • Trilogy MentorXL timecode and Sync 
  • 3 Tailboard lockers power, video and audio 
Audio Booth 
  • Yamaha QL1 
  • Yamaha RIO3224 
  • Yamaha TIO1608
  • Genelec monitoring speakers
  • Fostex Speakers for PFL & talkback 
  • Bantam jackfield for internal patching 
  • ClearCom panel 
  • Switchable video monitor
  • Mac Mini
  • Script lighting 
  • 9 ClearCom Iris IP talkback panels
  • ClearCom Eclipse HX Delta Matrix
  • ClearCom Freespeak II for wireless talkback
  • Motorola GP340 with Tait base stations 
  • Sony HDC-4300 HD / 4K Cameras 
  • Sony EL75 OLED Viewfinders 
  • Canon XJ96, HJ40, HJ22 and HJ14 lenses 
  • Vinten tripods, Pro Peds and Osprey Elite Peds 
  • Specialist Grip & RF 
We also regularly supply: 
  • Small and large production monitors
  • Audio equipment (mics, IEMs, remote boxes) 
  • PA systems for large and small events 
  • EVS / 3Play systems
  • Graphics systems 
  • Live streaming 

4K Capable

8 System Cameras

Up to 8 People

SMPTE or Triax

“Your operation is seriously impressive... and cool. Simon, you’ve built a top team there, and lead it so well. I’ve worked with BBC OB units for a quarter of a century, and you could teach them a thing or three. Brilliant. Thanks so much, one and all.”

Sally Freestone, Broadcast Producer, Rory Peck Awards

“I want to say a big thank you to you and all your colleagues at for all your work. I thought the OB facilities and crew were faultless. I'm very grateful for all your help and I will definitely recommend you to my friends and colleagues in the business.”

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