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OBMini is built on a 3.5T Mercedes Sprinter chassis, with facilities for up to 6 cameras, with 4 seats in production and 2 in Engineering.


OBMini Facilities

OBMini is ideal as a stand-alone vehicle for small festival stages, presenter add-ons for sport, lower league sports fixtures, music events or TikTok streams, where space is at a premium and a cost effective solution is required. The truck can also interconnect swiftly and easily with OB1 as both trucks have Stage Racer 2 units installed – 2 x single mode fibres allow 24 video feeds, 32 audio feeds, genlock and tallies to be interconnected within minutes.

Designed around the Blackmagic ATEM Constellation, the mixer has 40 inputs like OB1.  Talkback is currently based around an RTS Zeus system, with an upgrade to a ClearCom system (to match OB1) planned. Audio is managed through a QL1 or DM3 desk with additional RIO, TIO & Commentary stage boxes.

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