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 Key Features 

  • Built on a Iveco 7.5-ton chassis. 

  • 3 separate seated galleries for Production, Engineering and Sound 

  • Air conditioning in each area 

  • HD workflow as standard (4K upgrade available on special request with suitable notice) 

  • Sony HDC-4300 Cameras as standard 

  • Perfect for broadcast studio shoots, corporate webcasts, festivals, broadcast sports and any other type of live event. 

  • Small footprint of 7.3m(L) x 2.8m(W) x 3.15m(H) enables it to be used in areas where much larger trucks are not suitable. 

  • Tender vehicles available: Renault Master LWB or VW Crafter MWB. 


Production Gallery 

  • Three-person desk for Director, Vision Mixer and PA / Graphics. There is further room behind for two other people, such as a Producer and Prompt. 

  • For-a HVS-390 2 M/E Vision Mixer with 20 inputs, 4 keys per M/E, 6 Aux outputs 

  • 3 x 24′ JVC switchable monitors (for multiview or other uses) 

  • 2 x 21′ Ikegami switchable production monitors 

  • Audio monitoring via Genelec 8020B speakers 

  • 3x Clear-Com V12LDX4Y-IP 12 level key panel, with loudspeaker output and open mic. 

  • Separate talkback channels for cameras, sound, engineering, IFB and external 2/4 wire 

  • Connections to a Mac computer for gallery control of VT playback, web encoding or graphics 

  • Vortex timecode clock 

  • Script lighting 

Audio Booth 

  • Yamaha QL1 

  • Yamaha RIO rack - Dante 32 input 16 out 

  • Monitoring on Genelec 8020B speakers and Fostex 6301 for PFL & talkback 

  • Bantam 48-way jackfield for internal patching and externally via tailboard 

  • Clear-Com V12LDX4Y-IP 12 level key talkback panel 

  • Ikegami 21′ switchable video monitor with router panel 

  • Script lighting 


  • 9x Clear-Com V12LDX4Y-IP talkback panels

  • Clear-Com Eclipse HX Delta Matrix

  • Clear-com Freespeak II for wireless talkback (at extra cost) 

  • Motorola GP340 or SL2600 portable radios (with Kenwood and Tait base stations) 


  • Two engineer seats 

  • 8-camera CCU capable with tally, production / engineering talkback and switchable return feeds 

  • Fitted as standard with Sony HDCU-4300 (combined baseband/CCU) and Sony RCP-1500s for full engineering control with touchdowns. 

  • 2 x 21” Sony OLED engineering broadcast monitors 

  • Tektronix WFM8300

  • Blackmagic Videohub 40 x 40 router with hardware and software control 

  • 2 x Blackmagic Smart Control panels 

  • Clear-Com V12LDX4Y-IP talkback is provided at each position with connections to all galleries & external 2/4 wire systems 

  • 2 x Mac Minis VT playback (Mitti) and software control of all truck functions 

  • Variety of recording options to match production requirements and budget including: 8 channels of Softron MovieRecorder 4 with 8TB RAID 5 storage

  • Blackmagic Hyperdeck Studio Pros (as standard) 

  • BMD Opengear Rack (containing Up/Down/Cross, A-D and D-A converters) 

  • Trilogy MentorXL timecode clock and Sync 

  • Sonifex RM-2S10 audio reference monitoring of all recordings and outputs 

  • Separate rear rack area with MUSA and other patch for all internal/external connections 

  • 3 x external tailboard lockers containing all connections for power, cameras, video and audio 


The truck can be adapted to mix/match camera makes and models. Typically we supply: 

  • Sony HDC-4300 HD / 4K Cameras 

  • Sony EL75 OLED Viewfinders 

  • Canon XJ96, HJ40, HJ22 and HJ14 lenses 

  • Vinten tripods, Pro Peds and Osprey Elite Peds 

  • Canon long and box lenses 

Digital Glue 

We also regularly supply: 

  • Small and large production monitors 

  • RF wireless camera kits (Link L1700, Boxx) 

  • Audio equipment (mics, IEMs, remote boxes) 

  • Adapters and converters to handle most video and audio signal types 

  • PA systems for large and small events 

  • Specialist cameras e.g. jib, Polecam, Steadicam, track cameras 

  • EVS 

  • Graphics systems 

  • Live streaming 

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